The people of tomorrow are born today into a world that knows not of their existence surrounded by the emotions of their parents successes and failures they become a beacon of not only new life but renewed hope that something so graceful could belong to world in so much turmoil, as we drag our feet through our misshapen timeline we align ourselves to our most secure thought.
The ones we hold onto, the ones we never let go of, but what happens if that secure thought, the one  which people do not let go of is the pain of their child hood, their misshapen hearts a testament to slammed doors and violent shouts, left in a place where they can count more broken dreams than broken bottles.
 There is no easy way in for them, as they face life full throttle no time to slow down and see the signs, until they see the sign that they should have stopped, as they crash into a reality they did not help to create. But wait.
 All of this as a result of what I held onto, what You held on to, what we held on to.
 All the pain the mistrust and broken hearts I left behind, or at least what I thought I left behind. Now pollute the air which we need to breathe, so I choke and he chokes and she chokes and we all choke, for we did not clean our past and now the smell follows us wherever we go.
 So I run, I run from the stench of those unlearnt lessons, those curses and blessings, those tears that ran down cheeks and those still inside, those judgmental faces, those undercover racists. But,
but no one told me I was running away from all that love, all those hugs and kisses, smiles and secret handshakes.
So now I stand, he stands, she stands, we stand, as we face our past and see both the smile of our so called best friend and the grimace of our so called enemies.
I must choose, he must choose, she must choose, we must choose,

 Should we keep running?