Poems from a broken heart, that long forgotten past. The loneliness of yesterday swept over our hearts.
If only time was an angel who could caress me with her wings, take away the pain, those long forgotten sins. Trials and tribulations or tribulations and trials. Sometimes we think were holy but only for a while.
The guilt and shame keep chasing us. Like a game of hide and seek. Oh how much better we would feel without these pains for a week, maybe even a month, let’s push it to a year but the lies of yesterday have left us living in fear.
Open up the truth like a long forgotten book & watch the pain dissolve, dissolve into a mist, then we can kiss each other, without hatred on our lips.


Night Thirteen

Now that I look back Eye see the exact points at which I was granted the ability to change the cycle, the things I said yes and no to, the places I did and did not go, the calls I did and did not answer and it all makes sense, retrospective is an amazing thing only if You learn from it. When the little voice in Your head begins to scream You know to listen, for trauma is never usually worth the immediate pleasure You receive, undoubtedly I hurt people in ways only my soul can understand, for my mind sees only its own selfish needs. I do not know if this is the remorse that people speak of that I’m feeling but an overwhelming urge to mend broken fences exists in my heart these days, sharing in both pain and pleasure Eye see my mind for what it is. An addict
It craves to feel, feelings of all natures it does not discriminate, like a flu virus.  I watch as it plots and plans and schemes and eye wait, eye wait for the silence, the gap, the pause, but it does not come. It lingers turning my head left and right, never closing its eyes, searching, searching for something else to excite it once more.
I laugh for laughter is all eye am capable of, as eye watch it withdraw, starved of satisfaction it bides it time ready for tomorrow, my creation, eye see my creation and heartache is what I receive, like a psychopath in both light and dark it fears not the changing of the season nor the weather that it brings, unashamed it does not lurk in the background but shows its full face to all those that look. Like an untamed beast it rears it head.